BB Thickening Duo.

I have had this sample for a while now. I honestly can’t remember when I got it. I’m assuming it was from Sephora. When I came across it I figured what the hell let’s give it a try.

I’ve not really tried anything from Bumble and Bumble. I believe I’ve gotten some other products but I haven’t used them.  I literally have a bag of hair products I’ve never used. I’ve never really had the need to since my hair is pretty good as is. I have great genes from my parents really.  Some trying hair stuff is a recent thing I’ve started.

The formula of this was not bad. The only issue I had was that there was not enough of it. My hair is super long, I’m talking down to my butt long. I was able to get most of my hair with the Shampoo without any issues since it lathers really well. The Conditioner, however, didn’t even make a dent in my hair so I had to add some random conditioner to the bottom of my hair.


I did follow the instruction on the back of this. The top part of my hair that got the full effect of both and did feel pretty nice. It wasn’t something that I was too thrilled with.  It got the job done and leave my hair feeling clean. However, I really didn’t get the full effect of it so that may be why. I am someone who likes it when a little of a  product will go a long way.  That alone did discourage me from it. Only cause I have tried samples in the same amount or less and have it fully cover my hair.

If anyone has had a better experience I would love to hear it.

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