MAC’s Russian Red


I’m really excited about this one. This is my very 1st MAC lipstick. Yes, you read that right, my very 1st. I’ve never purchased or even tried  MAC cosmetics until this one. I brought this one at random when I saw it while waiting in line at Ulta. It was $10 so I thought why the hell not.


There were 2 colors, an Orange which was a no go and this one. It’s Russian Red and from what I’ve seen about the brand it’s a  pretty popular shade. This little lipstick is a sleek design like a black bullet. Simple and to the point.


I ended up with  2  pictures of it and decided to use them both. The one on the left with the flash you can see how bright the color is. The one on the Left appears to be a  deeper red even though it’s the same lipstick.


I really love this shade. Also, the lipstick itself is fantastic. It’s a smooth formula that goes on perfectly and with only  1 coat. You don’t have to cake it. Also, It doesn’t dry your lips out. I’ve really been missing out here, like what is wrong with me.

Plus every girl needs a  classic red. It’s such a  power color that has been giving women that extra confident for years.

What is your power color?

If you wanna get some  Russian Red. Check out Ulta or MAC.

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