Sephora Prep for Holiday Card Sample Bag

Anyone who shops at Sephora knows that every year they offer holiday sample bags. This one was an offer with a purchase of over $45.  I figured since I got it I would go ahead and do a  review of the samples in it. jnasjkdna

The bag came wrapped up with the  2 foundation sample with it since they are 2 big to find in the actual bag.


They always do a simple bag with a  holiday feel. This one is plain white with a bow. They do have 3  bags you can pick. I just happened to randomly pick this one.


I really like Clinique and their skin care line never fails me. My wife loves it. This was a  new one for me. It’s a Double bubble Purifying Mask, I’ve never tried a bubble mask. This was something else I tell you. It was moving and making popping noises and it was strange.  You only leave this on 2 mins and then wash your face.It’s really a delight. Also, I have another use out of this little pack I’m excited to try it again.



I don’t believe I’ve ever tried Korres before, I  could be wrong though. This is a  Greek Yogurt Priming Moisturizer and it’s delightful. It’s so smooth going on and smells amazing. I just used it as a normal moisturizer and it worked perfectly. I am going to have to invest in some more of this stuff.



Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r. I have already tried some of this Foundation and I’m in love with it. It’s literally the most perfect well-formulated stuff I’ve ever used. It’s light and goes on smooth with complete full coverage. I highly suggest investing in it.



This is the 1st time I’ve tried this Born This Way Foundation.  I’ve tried a lot of other Too Faced products and it’s been a hit and miss. This one is a nice formula, not to heavy and goes on smooth. The only real issue I had was I didn’t have my shade in the sample so it was a little off-putting but most sample packs are like that.  It is a nice product but not one that I’m interested in at this time.



Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. This was one of the 1st primers I ever tried. It’s a simple light one that does the job. If you need something quick and easy this just is great. I use it most the time compared to other ones I like it so much.



This is another brand I’ve not used. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a light oil product that is to moisture your face. I dabbed little bit all over my face then I rubbed it all of my faces. It’s a little greasy at  1st which most oils are normally. After about 30 mins my skin was feeling soft and moisturized.  This is a nice simple product to have.



D&G Light Blue. I haven’t tried anything by D&G yet. This one is a  heavy scent with a  smell of floral and like sea water. Even though this one is a heavier scent it’s not so much that it chokes you. It a nice scent, however not one that I would buy for myself.



Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask.  I seriously love Bite. I have never been disappointed by them so when I saw this in the bag I was stoked. This is a lip mask which is much like a  little lip gloss. I really like it. It’s not heavy or sticky, almost feels like a light gloss. Plus they smell amazing and have a sweet taste to them which is great. I hate lip products that smell or have a bad taste to them, just doesn’t seem right. I may need to invest in one of these.



First Aid Beauty’ an Ultra Repair Cream. This is a cream that is a little on the thick side but in a way that it gives you all that moisturizing power. I used it after a shower and washing my face before bed. When I woke up my skin wasn’t dried out or rough or anything. My skin has been shit these past couple days. The name definitely speaks for itself here.



Blender Cleanser. I actually just brought some of this stuff about 2  months ago. I got a  bar not the liquid though. If you need a blender or brush cleaner this stuff is amazing.  You just make sure you cover your brush in it and have a cleaning pad and it literally melts the old makeup off it. It’s pretty great!



I haven’t really tried anything buy Calvin Klein so this was a  nice surprise.  This is their new perfume CK2. It’s is a really like almost clean smelling one.  It had little hints of floral scents but nothing overbearing. It is really almost a  sweet smell, a clean sweet smell. It’s quite lovely.

I really like this bag. It’s a nice mix bag of stuff. If you want to grab one of these. Make you enter promo code DayorNight at checkout.

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