Godiva’s Masterpieces

This weeks product of the week is a new thing I’m gonna try. Chocolate… Yes, you read right. Not just any chocolate my all-time favorite Godiva. These are the  Masterpieces collection that they released a couple months ago.

The packing for this series of chocolate is simple with just the basic picture of the product, but also a little peek of what is actually inside.

This is a Milk Chocolate Hazel Oyster. I really like that they went with Oyster shape in the actual chocolate pieces. It really fits with the name.


This is a smooth milk chocolate that literally starts melting the moment it hits your mouth. It is filled with a creamy hazelnut that’s not too over the top, but just right. Some hazelnut inspired chocolate is really just too much sometimes. This one is the perfect combination.

This is a Dark Chocolate Ganache Heart. This one also used the name for the actual product. It’s really adorable, but I think anything with hearts is.

This is a slightly bitter dark chocolate which is normal for dark chocolate. It’s filled with a velvety dark chocolate filling, but honestly, I think it tastes like a mix of dark and milk chocolate. Either way, it’s delicious. I usually tend to lean more towards dark chocolates than anything since it’s better for you in some way.


Finally, we have Milk Chocolate Caramel Lion of Belgium. It also sticks with the theme of the name and features those fierce-looking lions on the pieces.


This one may be my favorite because it’s filled with Caramel. It’s a lovely milk chocolate with a smooth caramel filling. It’s so good and just melts in your mouth. It’s a heaven of deliciousness.

I’m really happy with these bars. They are so incredibly delicious, but I’m always pretty pleased when it comes to Godiva.

I got these in the candy section at my local Walmart for $2 or $3 buck a  pop. Go pick some up. They would make great stocking stuffers.

What’s your favorite chocolate?

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