Revolution’s Ultra Base Corrector

This is a Color Corrector I got on sale for I believe $7 at  Ulta. I had only  dabbled in   color corrector at the time so I decide to  give this one a try.



It’s simple package. I like it when it  has the colors that’s  actually in it on the back so I don’t want I’m getting.  I just wish it  had what the colors are used for. I seriously always  forget what color corrects what. I have a  image I keep on my phone for it.



It’s a simple black plastic box. Again I with they would put a list or something of what colors corrector what. Simply because I’m not carrying it around in my makeup bag in the box.


This is a perfect little corrector palette. I was actually surprise it was as big as it was. I thought it would be quarter size circle of product instead of the  half dollars shown above. Plus It’s got this giant mirror that I love. Most palettes have a tiny mirror you can barely work with or no mirror at all. The only thing that kind of  bummed me out was that it didn’t have a brush with it.

Next I’m gonna break down the color features in it and what they are used to correct. Please note I’m super duper pale person so you can barely see the product on me.


Pink– cancels dark circles and brightens dullness/discoloration on light skin

Purple-cancels dark circle and brightens dullness on medium skins

Green-calms intense redness on all skin tones

Orange-cancels dark circle and combats dark spots on tan to dark skin


Peach– cancels dark circles and combats dark spots on light to medium skins

Glitter White– use for brightening

Yellow– calms allover mild redness on all skin tones. Also cancel purple/blue tones.

Red– cancel dark circles on all skin tones, mostly  dark.

I really love this palette and use it every time I do my makeup. It handles all my  little issues from redness, dark circles and acne. I’m really glad I decided to grab this one.

I know you can  buy the brand from Ulta. I haven’t  seen this one on their  website but they may still have it in  the discount section of their stores.


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