Huda Beauty’s Contour and Strobe Lip Kit


This is the 1st time I’ve gotten to try anything by Huda Beauty. I keep coming across it and haven’t gotten a chance to try any of it. This is one of the deals that Sephora has going on right now for the Holiday season.

This Contour and Strobe Kit comes in this adorable Lip shaped Tin. I really like that it’s  the same shade of the actually product.



This kit included the following from top to bottom. A Liquid Matte lipstick, a Lip Contour, and a Lip Strobe. Below I’m going break them down in the order they are to be used. If you look at the picture above you will see the numbers next each of them.

Step 1. Lip Contour in Trophy Wife.  It’s a lip liner, it goes on easy and lines your lips with perfection. This is one of the best liners I’ve every tried.

Step 2. Liquid Matte in Trophy Wife. This is a creamy lipstick that goes on so smooth. It’s not sticky and doesn’t dry out my lips. I really adore this color it’s a lovely reddish pink and it last a pretty good while on it’s own.

Step 3. Lip Strobe in Shameless. This is the glittery top gloss to your lip matte. It’s this gorgeous rose gold color that complement the matte so well. It’s not a sticky gloss and it lasts a pretty good while as well.  Plus you don’t have to put a whole bunch of it on to get a lot of shine.


I really love this Lip Kit! You can mix it up and use the  products by themselves, with other products or all together. Plus the color is perfect. I’m really happy I ordered this. They have 5 different color kit on Sephora right now for $25 which is a great price for  what you are getting. Of course I included the  link below.

Buy Huda Beauty’s Lip Strobe

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