Kat Von D’s Metal Crush Palette

This is the new Kat Von D Highlighter Palette that just came out the day before Thanksgiving.


I really dig this Metallic Rainbow packaging on this. It’s so stunning and appropriate for a highlighter.


As with Kat’s previous highlight palette she put them names on the back but without the actually colors. Just this holographic packaging with writing.


I always like it when the palette itself matches the box it comes in. I don’t know why it just seems so right.


The inside of the palette is the  matte black with 3 half dollar sized  highlighters. It also has mirror with the zigzag of the lightening  bolt on each side. I love a palette with a mirror.


Let’s  talk about these colors

Gammaray- peachy gold

Helix– golden pearl

Roseshock– Pink pearl

All 3 of them have this stunning hint of the iridescent color that really adds to the product.


These colors are gorgeous. They work perfectly on my pale skin, where they are lighter shades. It give me just enough highlighter with out to much over kill. Plus I can use these with my  eye shadow to  help give it a extra  touch. You are able to make them darker if you really  lay it on thick. I really dig this one.

If you want to  grab one they are at Sephora. Link Below.

Buy Metal Crush

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