Formula X’s Mesmerize

This week’s Product of the Week is another one of the random Formula X polish, that I have come across in my stocking up them a sale. This one is an Effects Top Coat called Mesmerize.



If you’re not sure what exactly an effects top coat is let me explain. It’s basically what it sounds like a top coat that got over top your polish. However, this one has a little extra in it to change your regular polish is to a glittery one. The best way I can describe is like this. Remember those cheapo glitter polishes we all had as a  kid? Well, it’s kinda like a high quality one of those. 10x better and doesn’t murder your nails.

jnkjI put this one over a dark brown Formula X polish I had and it gives it this silver shine to it that is perfect. This is one of my go-to’s when I feel like the polish I’ve chosen at the time just isn’t enough. I love glitter, it gives me power, so I need it when I’m sucking at life.

Everyone needs a  little extra to get them through this is one of mine. If you come across it I highly suggest snatching it up.

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