Peppermint Mocha EOS

Merry Christmas! Happy Holiday! Happy Whatever you Celebrate! I hope you have a  wonderful one! Since Christmas falls on a post day I wanted to do a product that had that holiday feel to it.

Every year EOS releases a couple of limited editions for their Holiday Collections. Usually, it’s in a 3 pack, but I randomly happened upon this one while I was checking out at Ulta and grabbed it.


This is a Peppermint Mocha. The packaging has the Christmas feel to it. Plus I love that the EOS is blue and brown to represent the 2 different flavors.


It’s your typical EOS sphere. I really dig when they do a mix of 2  flavors that they do the swirl on it.


I’m always satisfied when I open a brand new EOS. It’s so perfected and unused.

I  really dig this one. It’s the perfect combination of the peppermint and mocha. I mean that it’s not too overpowering with either flavor to make it terrible. I hate when they overdo it and completely ruin something like that. Plus this has a little bit of peppermint that gives it a nice little tingle that’s quite nice.

I’m gonna put this one in one of my favorite EOS lists.

You can find this in store or at EOS’s website.

Which speaking of EOS, I did a post about a month ago on the crystal clear EOS and how they fell apart. Well, I submitted it to  EOS and they send me Coupons for a  free one and some discount ones. I’m very pleased with their customer service and how easy it was to get it handled.

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