December Play! by Sephora


This is the finally Play!  bag of the year and the theme chosen is so appropriate.


I was immediately taken back by the bag when I opened it. This bag is so perfect. It’s a silky drawstring one with this 20’s feel too it. Plus I just the Glam Straight.


I always enjoy getting eyeliner in bags. You really can never have enough Eyeliner. I feel like I just got through everyone I get super fast. I really love Clinique but I’ve yet to try any of their liquid eyeliners so I was excited about this one.


This is a simple liquid eyeliner with what seems like a super long tip. I don’t know why but it feels longer than normal ones to me.


It goes on with ease which is good since it’s called Pretty Easy. The tip like I said seem super long which gives it a  little more flexibility to work with. I’m quite pleased with it. It’s a  good one to have in your bag.


I have tried Drybar before and I was pretty impressed. I actually just got a  sample bag of some Drybar products from Ulta. I love dry shampoo. I feel like I’m a hot mess sometimes.  I will get busy and tired and forget to wash my hair so it’s a must-have in my house. This stuff you just shake up and spray, let it sit for a few mins then brush through. It’s pretty effective and smells amazing. I’m excited to try more of it.


Atelier Cologne’s Clementine California Perfume. This stuff has literally been in maybe  2 other boxes this year. Ok. Maybe not 2 but definitely another one, even though I’m pretty sure it’s been 2. I feel like I get this stuff a lot.  It’s a lovely scent but I’m over it at this point.


I really like Smashbox and I’ve never tried their eyeshadow so this was a treat. This is a Duo of a glittery brown and a light shimmer copper.  It actually quite lovely together. It’s a simple formula and looks amazing on. I was really happy with it.



I really like Makeup For Ever. I feel like at this point I’ve tried a little bit of everything they have to offer. I love lipstick so I’m always excited when I get it in a box. I always get a  red or a pink never anything else. I’m ok with that. This one is a super bright red which goes on with ease and looks amazing on. It didn’t dry out my lips or anything so it was a big plus. I really like.


This is  Cicapair by Dr. Jart. This one threw me off. I think it’s the container it’s in and the green. I really thought I got some type of ointment and was super confused for a minute. Which it’s a skin solution made of tiger grass so in a way it is an ointment. It’s thick like cream that I used both hands to covered my face with it. The instructions said to use your hands to warm the cream so that it will sink into your skin. It was weird at 1st but it was actually a nice formula. I don’t know if I would buy it normally but it’s nice to have around.

I really liked this box. It was one that kind of covered everything. I’m really happy with all the products. I’m excited to see what next years box hold for us. This year was a  great one.

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