Eyebrow Gel

I bought this stuff on the Wish app for like 87 cents. I kept seeing it places and wanted to give it a try. Yes, it is some weird generic brand, but what do you expect.


I 1st tested this on my hand before my eyebrows. As you can see it goes on basically like a  black gel then you peel it off and you get this weird brown color. This was literally the lightest color they had.


When I finally did try it on my eyebrows. You can see on the left that I look like one of the Marx brothers and on the right I just have super dark eyebrows


I decide to include a  picture of my normal eyebrow on the left and my eyebrow with the product used on the right. As you can see it’s a huge difference.


The stuff just made my eyebrows way to dark and I just couldn’t handle it. I took some witch hazel on a cotton pad and it across my brows to lighten them up and bit. I’m really happy with how they looked after that. It worked better for me to do it before I went to sleep, which seems insane I know. It’s what I found to work in my favor.

This stuff is super weird. If you don’t get it done evenly on your brows, it will leave them off and crazy looking. Plus it’s just too dark for me. The idea of it is amazing in theory but in practice, I can pass on it.  It is really just too much risk in it for me, especially since I’m so pale and blonde. It would work for someone with darker hair a lot better.

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