December Ipsy


This Month’s Theme is Snow Globe. Which is fitting since it’s December and Christmas.


This bag is perfect for the theme. I really love the silver with the glitter trim at the top.


This is a brand I’ve never tired. This is Seraphine Orange + Cream Lip polish. I’ve only used a lip polish once and it was hard and a little weird to get out of the tube. This stuff in a little jar so it’s easier to access. All you need is a little to scrub on your lips to get the effect of it. The stuff is pretty good, the only issue I have with it is the orange smell which I’m not really big on.


I get a lot of city color in my ipsy bags. Always in some shade of red. While I do like red it gets kinda old after a while. This is a  nice product though, so I can’t really hate it too much.



I have gotten Ofra before I got a yellow eyeshadow last time. It’s a good quality makeup. This is a liquid lipstick which it quite lovely. It’s a  great shade and it goes on smooth. I put it on when I first got it and got busy and still had it on hours later. On top of that, it didn’t leave my lips feeling tried yet.


I really enjoy Smashbox. I think I’ve tried about everything but the liner at this point.


This liner is super dark and goes on smooth without a lot of hassle. It’s a simple eyeliner to have.


I’ve never heard of this brand before.  Lottie sounds like a good time though. Plus the name of the polish is Riot which I’m always up for a good Riot! never a bad one though.


The polish goes on in 3 coats. It’s a super dark shiny blue which I’m kinda in love with, plus it goes with the snow theme. This polish lasted a good while as well. I’m excited to check out some more from this brand.


I’m really happy with this bag.  Everything was pretty great and I had no issues with any of the products.  Ipsy has been pretty good the past few months. This past year they have been a hit and miss. I do have high hopes for them in the new year to continue to improve with their bags.

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