ABH Moon Child Glow Kit

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the  1st post of 2018! I decided on this one I would choose something I’m new too.

This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit. This one came out earlier last year.


This box is this lovely light blue fade with the rainbow glow to it.


As you know I love it when a Palette matches the packaging. This one comes in a sleeve.


This inside of the palette as 6 square highlighters that you could fit a half dollar in. The one thing that disappoints me is that it doesn’t have a  mirror.


The  6  included are various shades of the moon include whites,  pinks, and blues. I’m gonna break them down below.

Blue Ice– It’s the lightest one in the entire palette. It has hints of blue

Star– is a shimmery silver

Purple Horseshoe– it’s an ultraviolet highlighter full of shimmer

Pink Heart- white with a shade of light pink.

Lucky Clover- is a white highlighter with hues of green

Blue Moon- it’s a silvery blue


Since I’m so pale the palette looks like the straight shine on my skin. It’s actually quite lovely. It’s not overpowering but just enough to highlight perfectly.  You can use a little to get shine or cake it on to glow it up. I’m quite pleased with this one. I’ve recently started driving into the full world of Anastasia Beverley Hills and I’ve not been one bit disappointed.

I got this one during Sephora’s Thanksgiving sale so I got it half price. If you wanna grab one I have included a link below.

Buy Moonchild Palette from Sephora

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