Leave your Mark.

Here is another book review I’ve had in my drafts that I did on my old blog that I was  testing. I thought this one would be the perfect  book to  put the  review up for the  beginning of the  new year.

This book keep popping up in my recommendations on Amazons after I  bought Girl Boss, which I don’t think I’ve reviewed. After a months of  seeing it I ended up buying it by accident. Don’t  ask me how it was an accident but I’m very grateful that I did get it.  Cause it’s  really quite amazing.

I really enjoyed this  book as  someone  who  loves  Fashion it is a nice little inside to  the PR  part of  it. This  book is for anyone that  isn’t happy with the job they have currently and want to go in to something else. If you are just  trying to follow your dreams and score that  dream job, but you aren’t sure how to  get there. This book is perfect for both since, It does give you an insight to the dos and don’t of trying to land any job. It  does  not have to be a job in  Fashion, thes  tips and  suggested that Aliza  gives  can  work for  just  about any  job you desire.  She gives you  tips on  how to caring your self in person,  through email and  even on social  media.  It’s  really an inspiration to  read and learn how she  left the medical  field to  join the  fashion world. It really shows that no matter what you are doing at the moment  you can  do a  complete  360 and with  hard  work and  you can  go into  your dream career.

If  you want more info on Aliza Licht  please  check out  her  website.

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