Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

I’ve recently been jumping onto the bandwagon that is Anastasia Beverly Hills. As you can tell from this week of posts. I’ve tried a bit of everything at this point.

I decided to make this one my product of the week. Since I adore Lipsticks/lip glosses. I got this during another Weekly Wow with Sephora. I’m really doing well with these and taking full advantage of them.


This one is a  simple black box with a simple design for the gloss itself. It works really well for the brand to keep it that way.


This is a  super dark almost a Burgundy, just it’s a little more on the purple side. I’ve been going a  little bit more to the dark side as of late.  This is a smooth gloss. It gives you complete coverage in one coat. Plus it’s not sticky and last for a  good while. When I 1st got it I  put in on while I was at work and it lasts till my break about 3 hours later. Honestly, I forgot I had it on till I looked in the mirror.  It’s not a heavy gloss, which I find that some came to be. I’m really pleased with this and I’m excited to continue exploring what the brand has.

I have included links to the product on both Sephora and Ulta sites below. They don’t have this color on either side unless I’m just overlooking it. They may have changed the name cause the Vamp looks very similar to this one.

Buy Lip Gloss from Sephora.

Buy the Lip Gloss at Ulta.

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