YSL’s Touch Eclat Le Teint

Here is another random sample  I got with a Sephora order. I always want to try anything I can from YSL. The few things I have tried I’ve not be disappointed.


These tin wrappers are super fancy.


So I’m super pale as you already know. This stuff is at least 2 shades darker than me. It is however very silky and smooth. I only had to use a few dots around my face then blend it in with my foundation brush for it to completely cover my face. It didn’t cake up or conflict with my powders or anything which was a major plus. I hate when foundation doesn’t work with the powders that work with everything else. jnknkjn

It gave me a serious orange face. I was able to lighten it up and make it look not so strange. I wish I could find the picture from after I finished my make up. I’m really happy with the formula I just need to find the right shade for it to work completely. This stuff does run $58 so it’s good that it’s a good quality. This is one that I would purchase in the future.

If you are interested in getting some I have included the link below.

Buy Touche Elcat Le Teint Foundation

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