Pure Extract Facial Cleansing Pads

So I  got these on a whim, cause I needed to make an order $25 to get a free sample.

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These are little sponges that are filled with red grape leaf extract, olive seed powder, and vitamin E. Basically you soak this in water for a  min then you squeeze out the excess. You use it to scrub your face.  It’s a simple way to clean your face especially when you haven’t worn any make up that day or just need to refresh your face from the day.

They fit perfect in the palm of your hand, well my hand. I will tell you this will not work on a  full face of makeup. If you have an already clean face and need a little extra then this is perfect.  I actually really dig this. It’s simple and actually leaves me feeling like I have a  cleansed face. Plus it’s a bit of a scrubber which I like when my face feels gross.

These things are only  $4 so it’s not a waste if you don’t like them. I have included the link below if you wanna check them out.

Buy Pure Extract Facial Cleansing pads

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