Basket Case Anti-Precision Eyeliner

This is the limited edition collaboration between Kat and Billie Joe Armstrong. When they announced this months ago I realized it was a dream collaboration that I didn’t know I wanted. Plus it’s named after one of my favorite Green Day songs.


The packaging is the matte black as most of Kat’s products are. This one has the Gold writing as opposed to the usual silver. What I really like is the fact that the name of the liner Basket Case is written in the same font as the Dookie album cover. Which the is the album the song is on.



This eyeliner is the same as the packaging just in the round form. Includes both Kat’s and Billie’s Autographs on the lid.


The color of this liner is Insomniac Black, which I feel like sums up the culture it represents perfectly. It really just sounds right.


This liner is bigger than I thought it would. It’s the size of like 2 of the trooper liners put together. This one is completely different from the trooper liner, however.  It’s not the liquid liner you are used to from Kat. This is a stick liner, the kind you can melt with a  lighter if need be. I  don’t recommend that since it’s in a  plastic container, but you can if you need it darker than it already is.


It’s super dark by the way. It’s  Anti Precision eyeliner which is the perfect punk smudged smokey eye look.  It goes on smooth and is super easy to get everywhere if you aren’t careful. If you want to overdo it and have it everywhere then it’s perfect.

I’m in love with this liner.

Don’t get me wrong I love liquid liner, cause you don’t have to share it. The plastic liner like this that you can twist to get more of is a dream. Since I started getting in to make up in the days of getting wood pieces in my eyes and melting eyeliner to make it go on easier. Even though that still didn’t go on effectively. The advances they have made are amazing.  This one is the best of both worlds. It still goes on effectively and it a lot of product in the tube.  Seriously this has exceeded my expectations.

If you want to get one of these you will have to go to Kat’s Site. As of today, the product isn’t on Sephora’s website anymore. I got mine on there but I guess it was a limited thing for them.  I have included the link to it below.

Buy Basket Case!

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