Kat Von D’s Lock it Concealer

I decided to stick with the Kat Von D theme this week. This is her Lock-It Concealer Creme in  Warm L3. Which is a sample I randomly got in a Sephora order.  I actually have 2 and  have lost the  other one some where.


This is probably one of the best concealers I’ve ever used. I have been trying a  bunch these past few months to  find one I really like. I’m looking for one that not only works with my skin but with my foundation. This one is a super smooth creme. It goes on perfectly with completely  coverage. It’s not one that you have to cake on to get it to  cover up your dark circles or  imperfections.  It’s Super easy to blend with a blender or your finger. I have tired it with my Fendy and My Milani foundatiosn and it  doesn’t cake up on me like some others have.

I’m really  please with this one and its actually my shade. This is one concealer I have been meaning to  try. I tested some when I was at  a Sephora store months back, trying to find which shade would work best. Actually the one I picked wasn’t this one, so I’m reall  glad I’ve waited to purchase it. I hate buying a  product and  thinking it’s your  shade only to  be  disappointed when it’s not.

That’s the beauty of  samples.

If you want to purchase this one I have included links to  both Sephora and Kat’s site.  It’s $26 and they  have 21 shades.

Buy Lock- It Concealer Creme from Sephora

Buy Lock-It Concealer Creme from Kat Von D Beauty!

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