KVD’s Mother of All

I chose this as my product of the week based on the fact that this particular Friday happened to fall on the anniversary of my own mother’s death. She is the reason I have my love of Lipstick. Growing up I watched her get ready for some event and put on lipstick as the finishing touch.  Plus pink is both of our favorite colors. She would be so thrilled with today’s makeup.

On to the product, as you know I’m obsessed with Kat Von D. It is one of my favorite beauty brands. So I always love getting anything I can from them.  I kept coming across this one and finally decide to grab one.



The box is simple. I adore the fade effect on it. It displays the products on it so you can see what you are getting. Always a plus.


I don’t know what it is about tiny lipstick that I just love. I guess it’s cause they are easier to carry in your bag or they are simply just adorable.


Tiny Studded Lipsticks are my favorite.


Liquid Lipstick is the future. You can make it work in ways that normal lipstick doesn’t. Kat’s Everlasting lipstick has never let me down. It goes on with ease and I rarely ever have to use more than one coat.


Studded Lipstick is my go to. They go on smooth and don’t dry out my lips. I love them.

I’m a fan of lipstick in general. I want it all. Kat makes my favorite. This is the lipstick brand that opened my eyes and possibilities to a whole new world. So I’m partial to it.

I love having a liquid lipstick the same color as a normal lipstick. I like to double layer it. I use the studded lipstick as a base then I put the liquid over the top so that I get that perfect full lip look.

This little set is perfect. You get 2 different kinds of lipstick for half the price of one. It’s a win-win really. If you are interested in this set I have included the link below.  It’s currently $11.

Buy Kat’s Mother of All from Sephora

Buy KVD’s Mother of All

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