January Ipsy Glam Bag

This month’s glam bag is an empowering theme with Game Face.

I really dig the card they put in it. I will Conquer__________. It will make a nice inspiration remind for your desk, mirror, or bedside table.


This bag is really different than what usually comes. It’s like a few of the previous ones combined. It’s got the mesh over the bag, but with the strip to add that little extra to it. I really like it


This is a brand I’ve never heard of. Actually, it’s pretty typical of eyeliner’s I get in  Ipsy bags. This is Kajal Vasanti Waterline.

It’s a typical stick liner. It goes on smooth and it super dark black. I like it, even though it’s not one that I would normally buy.

I’m really into The Balm. It’s quite an amazing brand that I really haven’t invested in for some reason. I get one of these little rectangles of product in Ipsy every couple of months. Seriously these little samples are packed full of product and lasts a good while. I have 2 that I keep in the makeup bag I carry around just in case. This one just like all the other is high pigmented. This one has a lot of glow to it. I really adore it.

This is another brand I’ve not heard of. Furless in color Sneaky.  This is a  loose eyeshadow that is the color of my soul. It’s a dark purple that’s almost black and it’s full of glitter. It’s actually quite lovely. I’m was pretty happy when it wasn’t a shit eyeshadow. Sometimes that’s what you get in these. I am going to look into this brand a  little bit more and see what they are all about.

I really enjoy NYX, everything I have tried is great. I like this as a liquid lipstick. It’s a  smooth formula and doesn’t dry out my lips too bad. This color though………. It looks dark in the tube, however I reality it’s the same color as my lips. I was pretty excited when I pulled it out the bag only to be disappointed. It was a trick and I’m very upset about it.


This is another  brand I’ve never heard of.  I  really  enjoy  Exfoliating  masques, so I was excited  about. It’s a cool tingly formula. You put it on a dry face, add water, then exfoliated. I left it on for 10 mins then exfoliated, either works. This one is actually  pretty great. It’s a  nice quick masque and  I really  dig it.

I’m pretty  happy with this  bag. The only down side  is that damn lipstick.

What did you all get in yours?

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