Sephora Hair Ties


I did manage to get out a product of the week. Look at me doing stuff, to take my mind of other stuff. I’m quite proud.

This week’s product is one near and dear to my heart. Hair Ties, seriously I would be lost without them. If you are a  girl, guy, smurf, or whatever with long hair they are a must-have. Unless you like having long flowing, may be tangled up hair all the time when you are trying to do shit. In that case, do you boo.

It was about a 2 years ago. I found these weird hair ties on Sephora under their Sale items. It was a pack of black ones. I bought them to make my order $25 for a sample or $50 for free shipping. I’m really not sure that’s how long ago it was. I kept seeing them and honestly they intrigued me.  So I brought these ribbon-like hair ties and immediately fell in love when I got them.

Over the past year, I have purchased several sets of them and even got my wife into them. She swears by them, so I got her 2 packs for her stocking at Christmas.


These are a collection that Sephora offered which is a theme of colors. This one is At First Blush, which is varying shades of pinks with gold trim. I got these since I’m obsessed with pink and they were $4.



Let me give you a list of perks of these hair ties.

  • They don’t get tangled in your hair as much. I have super long hair. I’m talking down to my booty. ***Note: I say as much because if your hair is in a  rats nest form already and you trying and wrap it again. it will get tangled in there. I have been a  hot mess and done it.
  • They loosen up just enough for you to get enough wraps around to hold it up.
  • If they break you can just retie them. ***NOTE if there is enough left to do so.
  • They just look classier, like you are wearing a bracelet.
  • They don’t cut off your circulatory like traditional hair bows do.
  • They are thick and not some flimsy bullshit that damages your hair.

I really dig these and highly suggest if you come across them anywhere to give them a  try. I know Sephora has them, usually on sale and I will post a link for them below. I have also found the Dollar Tree to have a version of them. Also, you can find this stretch ribbon at Walmart and you can make your own. I made a bunch of favors for my wedding.

Seriously check them out and let me know what you think.

Buy Hair Ties from Sephora

BTW: they have these pink ones, a  black set, and a blue set.


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