Play! by Sephora.

This month Play!  the box came with a  list of ways to be beautiful in  2018. The theme is here’s to a Beautiful 2018. Which is actually great on filled with good vibes.


As always you get this playing card that has 50 points on it. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it.  I never get a chance to redeem mine cause my nearest one is in JC Pennies like an hour and a half away.  Which btw I just learned a couple months ago. That just the benefit of living in the mountains I guess.


I wanted to include all of this in this post since it’s got all these tips. 6t76t7

Which I realize now you can’t really see. Maybe click and full screen. I will do better next time.  I’m still testing on how to perfect these posts.



I’m a big fan of Clinique and  I keep coming across these Pep-Starts. There are a  couple in the line. This is the OG eye cream. I say OG cause it’s the  1st one I tired and the only one in the line at the time I tried it. Which I’m pretty sure I got this in one of my  1st Play! boxes. This stuff is great! It’s a creamy formula that goes under your eyes and leaves them feeling cool and a  little less puffy. I like to use it in the morning when my eyes don’t really feel like working.


Not going to lie the reason it took me so long to write this post was that I lost the bag in the move. This was the only product in the bag that I hadn’t tried. Well, I found it last night and just got a chance to try it.   I have tried a couple things from this brand and I’ve not been disappointed. I put on a thick layer of this mask per the instructions and left it on for 10 minutes. It was a cold minty mask that literally tingles when it’s on. It’s really refreshing actually. I like a  mask that makes you feel like it’s actually doing something.

Like I said  I was doing this mask tonight which I did. It’s a  lovely thick white mask that will start turning clear as the time goes by. I waited the 10 mins and it did leave my face super red almost like it was burnt. I say that cause it left feeling hot to the touch like it was burnt. This was over 2 hours ago and my face is back to its normal color. I wanted to include this so anyone who tries it doesn’t panic like I did at 1st. Other than that my skin is super soft and feel pretty amazing right now. It’s a good one to try if you are into masks like I am.


I actually got some of this a few months back in a Lancome Influenster box. So it’s one that I’m already aware of and knew how to use.


This is a white mascara than helps prep your lashes before normal mascara. This stuff it pretty great. The only issue I’ve had with it is that if you let it dry it’s hard for the mascara to go on over it. Basically, it will dry and kind of clump up. I apply this stuff then immediately put on my mascara. I find it works better to do one eye at a time. That is the only issues I’ve had otherwise the stuff is great.


I really adore Glam Glow, their products always make me feel amazing. I love everything I’ve tried from them with not disappointing me at all.  This is a thick face wash that gives you a tingling minty clean face.  You put it on your hands add water and get the lather going. Then you apply it to your face leave it on for a  few mins then rinse. Your face will be left clean with a slight glow. Again I’ve not been disappointed.

I got a bigger sample of this in a Sephora box last year. So I was kind of surprised that it was only a  little packet.  This stuff is good though. It goes on smooth and you don’t really need a lot, just enough to cover your hair. You leave the stuff on for about 20 mins then you rinse. It will leave your hair soft and shiny. Also, it helps to make it less tangled. My hair is long and constantly tangled so this is a  good product if you are looking for something to try.


This is one of the first primers I actually tried. I got this one in a set with another  Smashbox primer. I have never been disappointed by one of their primers.


This primer is a light cream that goes on with ease. You don’t need a lot for it to be effective. I put it on and let it set in for a few mins.  It will leave your skin feeling smooth and nicely primed. This is a good one if you need something simple.

I’m really happy with this box. I got really good products. Some I have tried and 2 new ones. I’m ok with getting products I’ve tried as long as they aren’t shit products.

Who else gets one of these?  What did you get?

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