Kat Von D’s Rock Candy

The moment I saw this one I wanted it.  I actually asked for it for Christmas. My wife did buy it just on Amazon and ended up paying more for it. Not gonna lie I was a little mad cause Sephora has it for $27 and that’s 27 points I could have got. I don’t play when it comes to my points. I save those up and get some pretty awesome stuff.  Honestly, I can’t be too mad, cause she did get me something I wanted and I love her for it.

Anyways this is a dream set of me.  I adore Studded Lipsticks and these are pastel minis. I love darker colors but Pastels have always gotten me all giddy.


I think the design of these is perfect.  The studded look plus the shades make it look like actually Rock Candy. Which is something I loved as a kid, it’s one of those candies that just made you feel special. I honestly don’t know why but it does, I think it’s cause we only use to get it in Dollywood or Pigeon Forge.  Now you can find the candy just about anywhere.


I love the shades that were picked for this. These do give off that bubblegum candy vibe which is perfect.

Let’s break down these colors.


Zero–  This is a medium gray even tho it looks a lot lighter on when you 1st open it. The color is a little light if you are as pale as I am but it’s lovely and you can mix it with other colors pretty easily.


Ozzy– this is a purple with hints of pink in it. Another light one but it’s dark enough to work on my skin. If you smear this shade it does turn into a pinker shade, so if you are in smudging on your lipstick this one is perfect.


Roxy- Dark purple almost an ultraviolet shade. It’s a perfect shade if you want to go dark but not so dark its overkill. This one also works if you mix it with the 1st 2  if you are looking for a  dark lavender shade.  I feel like this name is perfect for it as well. I don’t know why but when I look at the color it just looks like a  Roxy.


Crush– this is the color of my soul just minus the glitter. It’s Hot Hot Pink which is my favorite color. This color always looks great on me so this one was no different. This is probably my favorite in the set. If you mix it with the Roxy it’s a  lovely shade as well.


Babe– this one is basically a lighter version of Crush. It’s a happy medium of the hot pink and a neon pink. It works pretty well with my light skin tone as well. Also, this one is another shade that I think the name just seems right.


Ziggy– this is pink with some orange undertones, basically, it’s neon pink. It is a little on the light side so it almost doesn’t work on my skin tone. It’s kind of a  nude on me. I think it would look stunning on someone with darker skin as a pop of color.

Here are the colors against my paleness so you can kind of compare.


All of these minis are a creamy easy to apply formula as all of the studded lipsticks are.  I know I said this with the 1st Zero but all of these colors can be mix with the others to create other shade. This set is pretty versatile in that way, which is a great thing. Some sets can be random shades that don’t work well together. I don’t know if anyone else does this, but when I get a set like this I put them all on at once. So like I said this set is a dream for me. I highly recommend grabbing this one. You get 6 fun shade for $27, as always the link it included below.

Buy Rock Candy from Sephora!

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