L’Oreal Elvive Influenster Box

This is my new obsession which is why I picked it for my product of the week.

I got this in another Influenster box like a month ago. I also forgot to review it with them and I’m a terrible person. It’s been a busy 2 months for me. I will start slowing down soon. I think, probably not.


This is the brand new product for L’Oreal. It’s to give you hair a comeback. There is an adorable commercial with Winona Ryder in it, that legit makes me want to cry cause I’m so happy she got her Comeback! Seriously she is phenomenal and I love her.


So it has this little paper that was included in the box says it helps deep condition and repair your hair in  5 mins. Trust me I thought it sounded crazy too especially since it’s L’Oreal. I don’t say that dissing the brand that has some amazing products. I say that from my experience you usually have to pay for a bigger brand to get the things it’s saying you get.


  1. It comes in a pretty decent size tub. It clearly has the instructions and what not on it.


This was after one use I believe, but don’t quote me on that cause my memory is a mess right now so I could be way off. You can see above this is a  pretty thick looking product. I think it looks like pudding really just not as cold.

So I tried this stuff and 1st off it smells amazing. The formula they use while it is super thick it covers your hair with perfection and is easy to work in.  I left it on for 5 mins as it says to, then rinsed it. Not gonna lie I thought it was shit when I 1st rinsed cause it leaves you hair feeling weird. It’s almost like it’s greasy but it’s not. I usually only dry my hair and not brush it unless I feel like I really need to. I’m kind of a  garbage person that way.

hjbhjyThis was my hair the next morning. I had just braid it and went to sleep. My hair felt amazing. It wasn’t tangled, didn’t feel like had rolled around all night, and it didn’t feel as heavy as normal. I don’t know if that last one was possible. I only wash my hair every few days so over those days my hair never got as tangled as it usually does. I did go without using it for a  week during the move and my hair was a  shit show. It was a  rats nest that took me like 20 mins to brush out. This stuff is incredible and I’m obsessed.  Seriously go out buy some now and never look back. I’m very pleased with it.

All of your local realtors should have it. I know right off Walmart does. Try it out and let me know what you think please, I would really love to hear.

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