MAC Very Valuable Lipglass mini Kit 1

This is the  2nd time I’ve tried some MAC products. I got these in a  holiday sale from Ulta. It was $10 for the 3 piece set which is a  steal when it comes to lip products like this.


This is the  Very Valuable Lip Glass Kit 1. I had to do a  double take at the lip glass, not lip gloss but glass. The description says it gives you a glass like finish. By calling it that it definitely sets them apart cause I’ve not heard it anywhere else.

These are 3 mini lipglasses in various shades of pink/purple. The colors work well together for this set.

Let’s talk about these 3 colors.


Raring To Go -It appears to be a super hot pink, but where it is a gloss it’s a little bit lighter than it looks. It is a nice shade of pink, at first it’s almost like a nude color on me. However where it is a brighter color it works.


Itsy Bitsy– This appears to be a purplish pink, but it is really a glitter gloss with a light pink tint. It would work perfectly as a top coat on a dark lipstick.


Dilly Dazzle– looks like a bright purple, actually, it’s pretty spot on. When I put it in it’s just a shade lighter than it looks. This one, however, doesn’t feel like the other 2. It’s less of that sticky feel that gloss sometimes gives.


These are the colors on my skin. The result may vary base on your skin tone. Please keep that in mind. Especially since the hot pink looks like a  red there.

This set is fun. The colors are lovely and would all really work as top coats for other colors to create different shades. The glosses are a little sticky, depending on how much you use of it I have discovered. They don’t dry out your lips and they last a pretty good while on. These are a nice one to have around if you need just a little extra to your lip look or don’t want to fully touch up.

As always you purchase these at the link below. They are currently $9.

Buy MAC Very Valuable lip glass set at Ulta.

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