Stila Lip Glaze

I decided to stick with the theme of lip glosses this week.

I  purchased this one on a whim. Ulta was having a Stila sale if you buy 3 or some much on products you got a free gift or I was trying to get free shipping. You know want I’m not entirely sure. The past few months have been a complete blur.

So this is a Stila Lip Glaze. I use to be obsessed with lip glazes and glosses. I’ve since grown out of them and prefer Lipsticks or my EOS these days.  Honestly, I just got sick of the sticky shit on my lips, which is sadly the typical for most glosses.


This is a  gloss that is in one of that thing with the brush tip and you have to twist the bottom for the product to come out. I didn’t even know they still made these anymore. I remember when they were big back in the 2000’s. Seriously it was like the hot item back when it was in middle school and high school to have one of these. I had one from Avon that was a light pink gloss. This was after glitter gloss I believe. So when I saw it I decided to be nostalgic and buy one.


This is Raspberry, it’s a lightly tinted gloss. I love the brush, it’s one of the perks of it. This stuff goes on smooth to add that little extra. The biggest perks it is not sticky! I was surprised and quite pleased with this one. It doesn’t dry out your lips and it stays on for a while. I really dig it. I still prefer my lipsticks to gloss but this one is a nice topcoat if your lipstick is quick to dry out your lips.

Ulta doesn’t have this product online anymore but Sephora does for $22. Also, the brand website has it for half price at $11.I have included the links below.

Buy Stila Lip Glaze from Sephora

Buy Lip Glaze from Stila.

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