A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to Heaven

The full Title of this book is actually A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to Heaven or, How I Made Peace with the Paranormal and Stigmatized Zealots and Cynics in the process.

Yeah, it’s a mouth full which is why I didn’t put it in the title of this post. Corey does have a habit make his book title a little longer like that. Not sure why he just does but ok.

Anyways this is his 2nd book. I reviewed the 1st one about the Seven Deadly Sins in December if you want to check that one out. This one is all about the Paranormal and the kind of random weird shit that has happened to him.

This book came out on  June 20, 2013, so I’m like 5 years out on this one. It’s a damn good book and worth the read. Especially if you adore this man as much as I do. 

I really dig this book cover. It works well to convey the subject that he is covering here.

I decided to include a full size of the back image as well since it perfectly sums up the book. Plus this is a great picture of Corey.

He puts the quote in the front of the books. These I really dug cause they are perfect for it.

As I was going back through the book I realized just how amazing the chapter beginnings are. He did this with the 1st book as well with a picture that summed up the theme of the chapter.

Taylor shares a story from several periods in his life relating to the paranormal. The 1st one is about the haunted house in his hometown that was dubbed the Cold House. He goes on to tell you about a nighttime adventure with his friends that scared them so bad they never wanted to talk about it ever again. The book includes talks about how strange religion is to us all in general. He has entire chapters on a  few places he has lived and the strange activity that has happened. You get to read about his own ghost hunting adventures that he signed himself up for just cause he is so fascinated by it. This was one book that I  found hard to stop reading especially if I was mid-chapter. Once you start reading about the shadow man or how he came to terms with living with a noise making ghost you get hooked.

This is a great book if you are a fan of the man or just interested in other peoples paranormal experience.

I have included a link to purchase below. Enjoy!

Buy A Funny thing happened on the Way to Heaven.

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