February Ipsy Glam Bag


This months Theme is unzipped, which is quite beautiful. I really like that they included so many different people on the front of it.


It’s about embracing who you are and feeling beautiful. I wanted to include a  close up of this months card before I adored what they put on it. It’s wonderful.


This bag is pretty perfect for the month. Valentine’s Day always makes me think pink. So the light baby pink with the strip of lace is delicate and lovely.


I’m a big fan of a  good hand creme. So I was excited about this one, especially since it’s a brand I’ve never heard of. This stuff is amazing. It’s a thick hand creme that goes on smooth and leaves your hand feeling completely moisturized. It does leave your hands with a little oil on it afterward which only helps to get it soft and hydrated. It’s not something that overly terrible to the point you don’t want to use it. I will definitely be checking this brand out.


Another brand I hadn’t heard of and I really dig the name M.A.D. Skincare. Seriously it sounds like a damn good time. This is a light serum that goes on with ease. It does make your face feel a little strange, almost sticky. That’s actually something I find happens with serums. Once it sinks in it’s lovely and leaves your skin feeling super smooth. I’m gonna be checking this one out too.


I love Clinique. They have never let me down. This Pop Lip Color and  Primer is no difference. It goes on smooths leaves your lips moisturized. Plus the shade is lovely. It’s basically a nude on me since it’s almost the same color as my lips. However, I dig it cause it gives them that little much-needed shine.


I’m for 3  here with another one I’ve not heard of. I really like the name of it “Foiled Again” especially since it’s the silver shade.


This one is a  fine powder which just from the look of it you can tell it’s got a lot to it.


This pigment and the shine of this stuff is amazing. I’m super impressed with how much glitter is packed into this little container. It’s dark enough to be worn alone but can be used lightly if you just need that little extra something. This could also be used as a highlighter if you need some more shine. I will definitely be checking out this brand.


Ipsy always gives me good brushes. I don’t think I ever got one that was complete crap. I really adore these Luxie brushes. This one is the Blending and Shading eye Brush 249. It’s soft enough to not be a discomfort to use but it’s hard enough to be effective. I was excited about this one since it’s got the 2 sides.  I love a  good brush to do my eyes with and this one is amazing.

I’m really happy with this month bag. I always get worried cause sometimes they just flop but they have been good lately.  I hope they keep it up. Which I’ve found if you do reviews they really help in your bag to weed out the terrible shit. The bag was lovely, which I know I’ve said about 20 times in this post. It was really a  great one for this month and did give me that loving feeling.



Which for the  1st time I got this email from  Ipsy and I really like it. Usually, I just check my app and see what I’m getting but this was a nice surprise. I don’t know if it’s new or I just have never noticed but I really dig it.

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