February Play! by Sephora


This month was a love-filled one.


Seriously I always love when they go with Valentine’s  themes for this bag. It’s appropriate really and I’d be sad if they didn’t.


this bag is really adorable. I like that the hair makes a  heart!

With this one, I wanted to try something new. Actually, I’ve done it before but it was weird so I wanted to see if I could do it better.  I have included with each item a picture of the overview that Sephora includes in their pamphlet. If you don’t get these boxes then you don’t know how wonderful it is to get the list of what you got and how to use it. I think this is one aspect in which Sephora outshines Ipsy just a little bit. Personally I like have something I can open and look at what I’m getting instead of having to look it up on the website. Which both boxes do feature on that our their sites. This is just a little way to compare and contrast my thoughts to want the paper says.


This is Atelier Cologne. If you have been getting a Play! box as long as I have then you are aware these come in a box every couple of months. Not gonna lie I was almost really pissed that it was the  Orange on again. Only cause I have gotten like 6 of those at this point. So I was pleasantly surprised when I got this Vanille Insensee.  This is a  lovely light vanilla scent that smells heavenly. I’m a  big fan of vanilla even though sometimes when it’s used it can be overdone. This one is just the right amount and it’s wonderful.




Belif’s Moisturizing Eye Bomb. I’ve gotten some of their creams before and they are always a good quality. This one is a nice formula that you dab under and around your eyes. There is something about it that does in a way wake you up. I’m not sure what it is but it’s a nice one to have around if you need to moisturize in a pinch. I always keep these ones on my desk. This is one that I would buy normally since they don’t really wow me.




I have recently been becoming a fan of Laura Mercier. I have tried a bit of everything and I’m impressed. This highlighter stick is no different. It’s easy to use and does pack a lovely shine. I find it conflicts with my powder a little if I apply it straight on. It does go on perfectly if I just apply with my finger. I really like to use this on the waterline of my eyes to make my eye pop and look bigger. This one is a  good one to carry in your makeup bag for a extra shine.




I love lipstick. I don’t feel like I say that enough but I do. This is one of Sephora called  Rebel Chic which is a rich dark red that looks stunning on. It goes on smooth and last for hours. I wore it yesterday and it lasted until later on in the night. Plus it didn’t dry out my lips. I really dig Sephora’s lipstick, they are a great one to have in your bag for a quick color.



This one was a special box that came with 2 lip products! I was beyond excited about that. This one is NARS’s velvet matte lip pencil which it really is. Seriously this isn’t just a name it really is a velvet matte. It goes on with perfection and is soooo smooth it’s insane. This one is perfect to outline than to fill in. You can wear it by itself or with a lipstick. I used it in combination with the lipstick I got as well. This is definitely one I will be investing in.


Plus can we talk about this color? This lovely stunning hot pink that’s almost a  red. It’s so perfect.




I have dabbled in a brand that is Peter Thomas Roth the past year. I have tried random things and I’m super impressed with everything. This stuff I was the most excited to try. I have a soft spot for any kind of exfoliate. Seriously I’m really obsessed with it. I really love putting it on and just feeling the dead skin fall off my face. It’s so pleasing it’s crazy. This one is amazing and I will be buying more of it!


I’m so pleased with it. Everything was a great product that I have enjoyed playing with. I love  Sephora and they are continuing to be amazing.

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