KVDxDivine Palette

Here is my 2nd part of the limited edition Divine collection from Kat Von D Beauty. This one is an eyeshadow palette that is simple perfection.


The packaging is Divine’s iconic eyes which is exactly what needs to be on this eyeshadow palette. I’m really glad that is the route they took for both pieces of this collection.  Plus as you know I’m a fan of when the box matches the palette.



As always we have the box has the actual colors and the palette with just the name. The only thing about this one is that a couple of these are metallic and the box does not do them justice.



The inside of this palette really brings it all together. It was a genius idea to have those eyebrows on the mirror. It’s that added little surprise that completes the palette.


All of the colors in this one are of course Divine themed and really bring the essence of the icon out of it.  Let’s break them down.

Hairspray– is a silver glitter which I feel like should be the color of actual hairspray. I say that cause if you have ever used a lot of it you get that wet gleam to it, which can come off as a silver tone. This one would also make a nice highlighter since it can be used lightly.

Female Trouble- it’s a matte white, which is something that is needed in this palette to help mix with some of the colors or lighten them up. It’s like a whiteout for your trouble spots.

Pink Flamingo– This may be my favorite one in the entire palette. It’s a super bright glitter green and it’s is perfection. I’m so glad they put this one in there since I feel like it is Divine’s Signature color.

Filthy– dark shimmer grey with little chunks of glitter. It’s a lovely shade and really is what I imagine glam filth to look like.

Waters- matte baby blue, which is another color that Divine was known to use especially in eyeshadow. Also to name it after John Waters is perfect.

Baltimore– Metallic dark blue, which if you blend in it almost turns into a matte with glitter highlights. This one makes me want to sing Good Morning Baltimore! every time I use it.

Hard Magic– matte black, another one that is needed for a palette. Always good to have that black magic.

Babs– this one is truly stunning. It’s a light golden filled with hints of green, blue and pink. This one also functions perfectly as a highlighter.


As I state on every post I’m super pale so the colors will look different on me compared to others. These shades do work very well for me and I’m really pleased with them.


Of course, if you purchase a palette inspired by Divine you have to do a look inspired by it. I didn’t go full Divine but I did do my own version of it. When I get a chance I will have to do the full look and I will of course post it.

I did go with the double wings and of course the Blue and White shadow up on my brow bone. Plus this Pink Flamingo is perfection in the corner of my eye. I’m really in love with it.

This was my look from yesterday using Filthy, Hairspray, Babs and a little hard Magic. I wanted to include it to show you that you can do both go full on bright to something a little more subtle.

I’m in love with the palette there are so many possibilities with this. Kat really did perfect with this in conveying the essence of Divine. This is really more than I could imagine and I’m really nothing but impressed with it.

If you want to grab one of these limited edition palette I have included the links below.

Buy the KVDxDivine Palette from KVD Beauty.

Buy the KVDxDivine palette from Sephora

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