I am Divine

This weeks product is a movie, which is the 1st time I’m doing one.  I knew I had to end out the week with something great especially since I made it Divine week.

I Am Divine is a documentary that was produced and directed by Jeffrey Schwarz. The focus of it is Divine himself. It starts from when he was born as Harris Glenn Milstead, to his relationship with lifelong friend and collaborator of filmmaker John Waters. The film features extensive contemporary interviews with Waters, as well as Divine’s mother Frances Milstead. It also features interviews with the surviving members of the Dreamlanders, which is the group of people Waters usually puts in his movies.

I actually just bought this one and had it Amazon Primed to me.  I had to find a  DVD in this mess of a  move to watch it, but it was worth it.

This one goes to tell you about every time in his life. You get to hear it from here, his family, friends. It really an amazing to get to hear not only his version and then from others just who he was. There really isn’t a  way to describe it. Honestly, it’s better if you just go watch it. I just can’t do it justice in words.

I highly recommend this one. Also, make sure you want this Bonus stuff. It’s even better and I’m not sure why it wasn’t just in the movie.

I got mine off Amazon but eBay also has it.



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