MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Shopping Bag Eyeshadow Palette

A few months back Sephora did a collaboration with fashion powerhouse Moschino a few months back. I have literally been sitting on this one for a while.  Honestly, it got lost in the shuffle of the move. I’m trying to go through all of my stash baskets.

I’m a lover of Fashion if you haven’t figured out by now based on the name of this blog.

I was super excited about this one.  It’s an adorable palette shaped like a shopping bag.


It’s a simple set up and it’s got a mirror.


These colors are also stunning! Sephora palettes are sometimes a hit and miss. Don’t get me wrong I adore Sephora and will buy and try whatever from them. This one I was impressed with. It’s really a bunch of neutral colors with that rogue pop of red.


As always please remember I’m a super pale person so the colors may appear differently on you than me.

Clay– reddish brown matte

Bound Brown- Brown Matte

Pixie Dust– it’s really a glittered Clay

Kisses- Dark Maroon Matte

Cloud Crossing– light brown matte

Angel Wings– white glitter with gold hints. Literally the color of angel wings.

What I really dug about this one is that it came with instruction on how to create 3 looks. Which of course I did. Seriously how could I not have.







Out of all of these looks, my favorite has to be Malibu. I think cause it’s just a light soft look compared to the other 2. I adore all 3 of them and I think they are perfect.

I’m really in love with this whole little palette. It’s such a great one especially if tend to stick toward the neutral tones. I’m all about some bright colors and glitter so this one is a different one for me. I wanted to set out of my comfort zone which is why I got it and I was not disappointed.

If you want to get this one I have included the link below.

Buy MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Shopping Bag Eyeshadow Palette

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