MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Bear Lip Gloss Chain

This was the 2nd piece of the Moschino Collaboration that I got.

I know this one seems silly, but this was the random one that I just wanted. I was really into the look of it.


Seriously how cute is this thing that comes with 6 glosses of various shade in almost the same spectrum.


Seriously this thing is adorable. Moschino is known for there toy like accessories which is one reason I love the brand. They give you that youthful feel while being an adult. I have a phone case that is a princess mirror by them that I just adore.

The whole point of this bear is that you can put the lip gloss of your choice in it and wear it around. This thing is pretty heavy, just not to the point it’s not wearable.


In this, you get 6 mini gloss that fit perfectly in the bear. I’m gonna break them down by color. They are all named after places which I think is perfect cause the colors really do matches the names.


Hollywood- a cooper that is packed full of shine. It seriously shimmers


Miami- Hot Pink



Soho- Deep Maroon with hints of glitter


Paris Pink– Soft Baby Pink, which really reminds me of Paris.


Malibu– Nude Beige

Milano-Dark Red

As always these are the colors against my pale skin. All of them work really well. They are lovely glosses that are not sticky. These are pretty lovely shades to have when you are on the go and they are small enough to toss in your purse without issues.

This is after I dabbed them off with a tissue. just so you can see how they work after fading. They still leave that staid for the darker shades the light ones not so much. They do last a  good while which is impressive for a gloss to back that much pigment.

I really love this little collaboration. If you want to check it out I put the link to this one below. It also will take you to the rest of the collection.

Buy Moschino+Sephora Bear Lip Gloss

Anyone tried anything else in the collection? Let me know!

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