Bang Energy Drink

So this week is gonna be a little off from my usual stuff. I’m gonna bring the energy this week. Because it’s hard to be perky and alert all the time. Sometimes you need some help.

Also, this may be something you don’t know about me yet. I’m obsessed with energy drinks. I have for years tried to find the perfect one. I’m usually a Monster girl. I love Monsters. They have been my go-to for years. I prefer the pink ones which I have been having a hard time finding in my area lately. My wife had the same issues and saw this one which is cotton candy flavored. Another thing is I love cotton candy flavored anything.



Yes, this stuff is called Bang and at 1st I was like is this for real. Like really what is this? This is actually pretty delicious and tastes exactly like cotton candy. I was impressed.  I drank not even half of it and was good to go.  It doesn’t give you the groggy after affect hours after you drink it. Which is basically what the description on the label says.

I gave this one a google and found out its made by a company called VPX which also makes powder of the flavors too. These are also sold at GNC which is even more impressive cause they usually only sell top of the line stuff in the health world.

I’m very impressed with this stuff and you can order a case of it for a decent price so I may get some to have as a fall back to the pink monsters that I’ve not been finding as of late. This one is available in about 12 different flavors to range from Champagne to Purple Haze. The flavors alone is something that makes me even more curious since it’s not your typical ones. I have included the link to the brand’s site and GNC


Buy Bang from VPX

Buy Bang from GNC

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