Monster Rehab

Since I have somehow accurate a cold this week I have been relying on my energy drinks or methods of waking myself up. Since I have no concept of time at the moment these posts are all over the place. This is probably my all-time favorite. It’s pink, low calorie, and tastes delicious.

So as I mentioned in Monday’s post I’ve tried about all of them and found these to be my favorite. I first discovered them after seeing HIM, if you have followed my blog for a while you know they are my favorite band.  They also just retired at the end of the year and I’m still not over it. Anyways I think I was drinking Blue Demons at the time, and couldn’t find one at the gas station we stopped at in Ohio.  I remembered Ville drinking a blue one on stage and decided to give them a try. I was instantly hooked.  These are the first energy drinks that didn’t make me drowsy. Plus these things taste like colors.  Trust me I know that sounds insane, but they legit do. Next time you have one take a sip and think about it.

I know I know, They aren’t good for you and your heart will explode. Well, My heart may stop working and I will crash without them sometimes. As the bottom of this can says Consume Responsibly. I will never drink more than 1 a day for that reason.  You gotta know your limit kids it’s one of the keys to a long healthy life.

I always love what they put on the back, it really sums up the flavor of it.

Plus each can has a tab that matches. Fun Fact if you collect enough of them you can mail them off for Monster merch. My wife has a backpack that she has used to death. I believe all you have to pay is shipping.

Monster has all kinds of different version of their product. They have the normal ones, these rehabs, juices, coffee, protein, and Zero Calorie sugar-free ones. Literally, the possibilities are limitless with the brand. That may be why I adore these so much. I like a change I like having a variety of things to choose from that I know I can count on. Monster has never let me down.

These Pink Lemonade Rehabs are my absolute favorite. They are the perfect amount of sweet and sour combined with the complete happiness they fill me with. That happiness may be energy working, but it makes me feel like I can conquer the world. That is all a girl really needs these days right?

Unless you spill it. I have legit almost cried cause I spilled my Monster.

Check out All of Monster Energy’s products.



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