Ice Roller

I know this week has been weird for all the late night posts. I have just been drained and unfocused with work and being sick. Everyone has off weeks this one was mine.

This is my product of the week.

I’m wrapping up this week with an energy beauty product. This is one I discovered from The Champagne Diet’s Instagram. So I decided to get one and give it a try.


This is an Ice Roller. Yup as simple as that. It’s basically a round ice pack that you can snap on a holder.


The box includes fun pictures of how you can use it.


This is actually a legit description.


This is it! I, of course, got a pink one. It came wrapped in a plastic bag inside the box.


I  like it when it has instructions. These basically tell you to freeze it, use it, then clean it off, and refreeze it. Super duper simple. I leave mine in the freeze overnight.


This fits perfectly in your hand. It’s really sleek and the roller is made in a  way that it won’t get stuck or catch.

I love this thing. I like to use it  1st thing in the morning to take some of the puffiness out of my face from sleep or lack thereof. The ice-cold feel of it is the perfect thing to wake you up in the more. It’s kind of the same effect that splashing cold water on your face has, just without all the wetness. I grab mine out of the freeze when I’m getting ready for work in the morning.  I usually give my face and a few good complete rolls and let it skin in for a  few mins. I don’t want to overdo it and give myself some kind of brain freeze.  I repeat that same process over the next few hours. It really wakes me up and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. This little roller will legit stay cold for up to  5 hours.

Seriously this thing is amazing and I highly recommend it if you need a  little pick me up in the more to get you go and wake up your skin.

I got mine off Amazon. They are $12 and come in like 4 colors. Go ahead Prime it to yourself and thank me later. As always the link is below!

Buy an Ice Roller on Amazon!

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