Charcoal Modeling Peel Off Mask

So I have recently been trying out some charcoal products. This week I will be reviewing those.  Starting off with a mask I found.

This is a random Charcoal mask I got from Walmart for like 2 bucks.


It’s a  simple mask with easy instructions.


It comes with the powder, a spatula, and a paper cup.


It really took me a  minute to figure out what this was. I legit thought it was instructions or something. It does make sense to include some form of a cup, so you don’t have to find one for exact measures.


You use the weird paper cup to add water to the bag then use the plastic spatula to mix it up.


This stuff is tough to stir actually. It’s so thick and this bag does not make it any easier. I really should have put it in a bowl and done it.


Seriously this stuff is so thick you have to cake it on. Honestly, I could have just used half and done 2 masks. Side note you do get to look like a melting person or some creature from Doctor Who for half an hour.


About  15 mins in my face started to harden and I could barely move it.


It’s super easy to pull off. There is not any pain or skin tearing. I made a nice pile as I took mine off.


It literally came off easy with little residue behind. Also, it did make my skin super soft and it actually looks pretty good. I wish I did a before picture to show you the difference.

I actually dig this mask. It’s doesn’t cost a lot and it works really effectively. So if you need something simple for a good price then grab one of these. If it doesn’t work for you then you aren’t out a bunch of money. I do suggest using a  bowl for it.  Also, you may be able to get 2 uses out of it if you store it.

You can get this one at your local Walmart in the face cleanser isle.

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