Cherioll’s Blackhead Mask

A while back the charcoal black mask was an internet craze that was going on. I looked in to buying one but couldn’t decide. Seriously there are like a billion of them. I finally settled on this one based on the reviews on  Amazon.

Since this one is my product of the week you can already guess that it’s something that I’m pleased with.


The packaging for this one is simple. It does include a great overview and simple instructions. Plus the name is Suck Out Blackheads. That alone was enough to grab my attention with it.


I wasn’t going to include this picture but look at this expiration date. This mask is literally good until 10/21/2020. Like I can use 2 or 3 tubes of this stuff in that amount of time. Most products don’t last that long so I was kind of impressed by that.


It does give you some extra instructions on how often to use it based on your skin type.


This mask goes on easy. I used the spatula that I got in the mask I review on Monday. I made sure to try and avoid my hairline and eyebrow. Mainly since these masks are known to pull everything out. It was not a  heavy mask like some are.  You can layer it on if you want to. I will warn you that if you do it on that it will drip. I have used this 2  times so far and both times I have had it dripped off my face.


I took my time pulling this mask off cause I will tell you it hurt. I had tears in my eyes and tried to yank it real fast.  Also notice how I had some of it on my chest, cause it dripped.


If you look closely you can see that it pulled out some stuff. It’s really kind of satisfying to see it on there. Honestly, it makes the pain worth it.


It left a little behind than made me look like that puppy from the Little Rascals.


I like to start piles of my face mask peelings. It’s like battle trophies after I win the battle.


Finally, the end results completely with my Nattie Cat ears that I’m in love with and have become my face mask tag partner. This mask pulled out everything from blackheads to hair. Please be sure you watch your hairline when using this one or any mask like this. Other than that I’m extremely pleased with it. My skin was so smooth and actually felt clean. I guess cause it pulled out everything that it got all the dirt and oils pulled out. To top it off it’s really satisfying to pull it off even though it is slightly painful. I really dig this mask and will be using it at least once a  week from now on.

Anyone else used a Black Charcoal? which one and how did you like it? Let me know I would love to try another one. If you want to get this one I have included the link below. It’s $10 and you don’t have to use a lot to cover your face.

Buy Cherioll’s Blackhead Mask on Amazon.

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