March’s Play! by Sephora

Let me go ahead and start off by saying I really dig this month’s bag.


This is month’s theme is What’s your Festival Vibe? Which as we know music festivals season is starting to get into full swing so you need the tools to get you through it.

This bag!!!!!  I love it so much! The material is super soft like I wish it was a t-shirt. The phrase of it is so perfect! Cause honestly if you are a Beauty Addict like I am then Damn right it’s my spirit animal. This bag fits the theme so well with the tye dye effect on it.  Seriously the moment I saw it in the box I was in love. This may be my favorite one this year.

Again this month I have included a shot of the description given by Sephora in Play! pamphlet so you can compare mine and theirs. Also, that little extra is always nice.



Stila is a brand I’ve recently fallen in love with, which if you have been following me a bit then you already know. I actually got this same exact eyeliner in a previous box pretty recently.  So when I got it I was slightly disappointed that I got a product I already had. However, I was excited cause this is one of my favorite liners and I’ve misplaced the other one. This stuff is amazing.  It’s truly long lasting with is something that sadly some eyeliner just don’t live up to. This one does in a big way, like to just get it off my hand I had to scrub. So if you are at a festival sweating and just gross in general then it’s nice to have your liner last through it. I recommend this one if that’s what you are looking for. Personally, any liner that can do that already has me sold.




This is a brand I’ve not heard of so, of course, I was excited about it.  Plus I’m pretty obsessed with hair products these days. I used a few pea-sized amounts of this cream, I had to use more since my hair is just so long now. This stuff is easy to work through your hair and smells amazing. My hair has been a little crazy lately with getting tangled and testing another product. This stuff was exactly what I needed to fix it. Seriously I love this stuff and will be investing in more of it.




I have heard of  Bobbi Brown and I’ve looked into the brand. However, this is the 1st time I’m trying anything. I’m really glad it’s a moisturizer cause they really tell you a lot about a brand. This is a thick cream that goes on smooth and doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. It lefts a nice dewy glow when you put it on. I only used a little pearl-sized amount and it covered my entire face.  I was left with a soft to the touch full moistured face which I completely love.  I will be looking into this brand to see what else they have to offer.




I have heard of this brand but I don’t believe I have actually tried it. This is a nourishing mask which I initially thought was a shake packet or something based on the look of it. Then I thought it was a face mask only thankful before realizing that it was a hair mask. I had some issues to say. I finally gave this one a try and barely used half the packet. I out the product on my hands and begin to massage it through my hair. A little really went a long way since my hair is insane right now. I was really impressed by how easy it was to work in. Plus this stuff smells amazing. I left it on for about  15 mins the package only says 5-7 but I got distracted. After I wasn’t it out it did leave my hair rough feeling where it was still wet. As it began to dry is when I really started feeling how it works. I slept on it and woke up with my hair feeling light and manageable. It was tangled from where I slept with it down so I had to brush it out. My hair feels ok not completely amazing, but I may not have used enough were my hair is so long. I will have to try it again and see if that changes.




I actually have a setting mist by this brand Supergoop! which honestly is just fun to say. I  got a sample from Sephora last year. I recently found it and have been using it. This one is with Rosemary so it smells heavenly. It’s a simple list in which you only have to use 2 pumps to get full coverage. It’s not sticky and doesn’t leave you feeling dried out. This is a great product to make sure your festival look stays intact. I really dig this one and will be looking into more of their products.




I got a sample of this last year in a superfoods bag. I got like 2 uses out of it and was pleased with it. This one is a bigger sample so I have used it more than the 2 times and I’m even more pleased with it. The formula is light and easy to work with. I use a small amount to apply on my wet face and it suds up with perfection.  It leaves my skin feeling completely cleanser and not dried out. I actually like this one a lot more retrying it, which makes me think there may be a few other things I may need to retry.


I have extremely pleased with this bag. I was shocked that I didn’t get a perfume since usually, that’s a staple in these boxes. However, it was kind of nice not to get one in a way. This time that just added an extra hair product which I really dig. Sephora always comes through with their boxes so  I really happy with this one. All of these products fit perfectly with the theme of the festival musts. Seriously all of these are something you need to make it through and something you need to help recover from it.

If you want to sign up for a Play! box I have included the link below.

Sign up for Play! by Sephora.



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