March 2018 Slam Crate


They always include a title pin. This one is the UK Championship which was just created last year after a tournament. I’m not sure why this one was chosen exactly. They could have picked a customer title belt or something that would have worked better. This is in no way of me dissing the UK championship. Those fella put on some damn good match and the current Champ Pete Dunne, I love watching his matches. Actually, maybe that’s why cause his music always gets people excited.


Every box includes a quick interview with a superstar. This one was Finn Balor which was perfect since his Demon figure was included in the crate. Plus he always makes an amazing entrance Demon or not.


The past 5 crates have included one of these figures of a superstar. The previous set was of 4 legends. This set isn’t really clear. I got Sasha Banks in the last one and now Demon Finn. This next one is Seth Rollins so it may just be random. You do have to have 4 to make a complete ring. So I will basically have 2 of these WWE rings of figures here in a few months. I really do dig these figures those, I think it’s because me and my wife like to collect Funkos. Plus I really adore Finn Balor, give me a google he’s amazing.


This is a Macho Man beanie and matching scarf which I really dig. I always appreciate a good soft beanie and scarf so these are no different. They did a  beanie in the  2nd one and I’ve worn it about everywhere and it’s currently missing so it was nice to get a  replacement. Plus it’s the Macho Man, who doesn’t love him.

Every crate comes with a superstar shirt, which I’ve gotten some pretty cool ones. This one is of Bobby Roode who makes a Glorious entrance. If you need a song to make you feel empowered or well Glorious then give his theme a google. It’s a good time actually. I really like the shirt it’s soft and is actually a great design.

You also get a pretty sweet poster in out of the booklet. This last month was Naomi which was perfect since she makes an amazing entrance in full glow as you can see in the poster.

I’ve been pretty pleased with these boxes. As a wrestling fan, it’s nice to get some exclusive stuff that you can’t normally just buy.  I have gotten some pretty sweet stuff in these, plus I’m obsessed with t-shirts. The only issue I really have with this one is that something they stick to some certain superstars more than others.  An Example is I’ve gotten several products from Sasha Banks, Enzo Amore, and Finn Balor. Which don’t get me wrong the stuff is pretty great but there are tons of other Superstars they could use.  I would really like to see them branch out and see stuff from ones you wouldn’t expect.

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