Stila One Step Correct

I have been sitting on this one for like months. I am not sure why. I ordered this when I started to explore Stila and this was actually this 1st thing I bought to try. I’ve been trying to find the perfect primer for months so expect a lot of those coming up.

thumbnail_IMG_9961This stuff came in the classic Stila gold box.


It’s got the benefits and usage on the sides.


I ordered this one purely because the picture on the website intrigued me. It was something about this spinal that just got me. I was so happy when I got it and it lived up to that with this perfect spinal of product in this clear bottle.


Seriously this bottle of product is a thing of beauty. I almost didn’t want to use it. The bottle also includes the usages that were on the side of the box.


It comes out in all the colors. It’s a glob of all that color correcting magic as you can see on the left. When you smear it you can see all the colors in there, which is honestly pretty amazing to me.

This stuff is a nice cream, it’s not too thick or to thin so it’s that perfect medium for a  primer. A heavy primer never really works for me, it just becomes more overkill than it’s worth.  This one goes on smooth and does take out some of the redness in my skin. I have tried applying it by hand, brush, and blender and it goes on easy any way you do it. I have also used it and applied my makeup directly after. I then tried it by putting it on and let it set or just used it as a face moisturizer for the day. My skin is always left feeling moisturized and soft. I tried to get a picture of my face before and after using it and it just didn’t do it justice.

I really dig this one, I don’t use it for my everyday make up primer. I mainly have been using it on days where my skin needs a little extra to be evened out. It really works well either way. If you want to grab this one I got it from Ulta, but you can also get it from Sephora and the brand’s website. I have included the links below.  It’s $36 a bottle.

Buy Stila’s One Step Correct from Ulta.

Buy Stila’s One Step Correct from Sephora.

Buy One Step Correct from Stila.




2 thoughts on “Stila One Step Correct

  1. Do all of the colors come out evenly in a pump? Or do you work your way through a green band, and then one that’s primarily lavender, and so on?

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