They’re Real! push-up liner

I’m a big fan of the Benefits brand. They are another one that I have randomly tried and been impressed with. This is why I have decided to do a Benefit’s week!


I got a  few Benefits products during the holiday sale Ulta had. This liner was one of the ones I decided to grab.


Plus the fact that it was 24 hr and waterproof which I feel like is the kind of liner that you just need. I don’t have a liner that is waterproof for some reason.


The design of this liner is what got me.  It was just so appealing. I mean look at how unique it is. It reminds me of a stiletto heel except you have to twist the bottom to get the product to come out.


It goes on super dark in one take which just perfection. Also, it does legit last a good while once you put in on. This is one you will have to scrub off with nonmakeup remover products.

thumbnail_IMG_9946Look at this tip, it’s a rubber point that makes it easier to work. Honestly I kind of wish it was a little harder. The tip is a little too flexing and causes it not to go on as smooth sometimes. The product gets twisted out of that slot.

I dig the design and the thought that was put into this liner. It’s a great liner. The only problem I had with it was it not wanting to go on. Which is normal for nonliquid eyeliners. It does rebel against some of my eyeshadow and foundation. I have tried melting it just a little and that seems to help. I am afraid if I do it too much that I will melt the rubber part. That is honestly the only issue I have had with it. Other than that it’s great and I recommend you give it a try.

The full size is $24 and it comes in about 5 different colors. Ulta has 3 of them right now. Benefits have all 5 and this mini in stock. Sephora also has all  5 colors and the mini as well. I have included all those links below.

Buy Push-Up Liner from Ulta.

Buy Push-Up Liner from Benefits.

Buy Push-Up Liner from Sephora.


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