They’re Real Double the Lip

This is another one that intrigued me as I was looking at Benefit products.  So I thought it was perfect to continue this week.



This one is Double the Lip, it’s a lip liner and lipstick all in one. And the statistics on the side of the box seemed amazing which is why I got it.



Plus I’m always for a 1 step process especially if it means I get fuller lips.


This one has the same look of the eyeliner from Monday. I was attracted to it if you couldn’t tell.


I mean look at this lipstick. It’s in a tear drop shape with the darker colored liner at the tip and the bottom is the lipstick. The thought and the theory of this were what got me. It was like a  dream come true somehow. I just had to get one and try it out.

This stuff goes on smooth and the shape makes it easier to contour your lips. I like to do 2 coats just to get the full effect. It does make your lips look fuller. I wish it would a little more than it does, but there is a lot of room to work with. The more coats you apply it does add to it. The lipstick does last a  good while and doesn’t dry out your lips like some will.  I really dig this stuff since it is a  2 in 1 that actually works.  This one is definitely one to try and have in your make up bag for on the go.

This one comes in a full size as well that goes for $20 and they have 9 different color combos.  All 3 sites carry all 3 and I have included those links below.

Buy Double the Lip form Ulta.

Buy Double the Lip from Sephora.

Buy Double the Lip from Benefit.

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