A little bit BAD gal Lash

I’m wrapping up this week with a mascara that I have come to adore. Since I’m obsessed with my lashes, in the words of Jac Vanek “I like my lashes as black as my heart and as long as the list of people I want to punch in the face.” Therefore I take my lashes very serious. Which is why I chose this as my product of the week.


Honestly, the name of this one alone caught my attention.  I don’t care how good you are sometimes it’s nice to be a little bad even if it’s just your lashes being on point.  This is a  simple tube that gets right to the point. I like that they chose to use different writing for the words.


This Spoolie Brush is what sold me on this product when I  opened it. I love it when a mascara has a  good brush. Some are terrible and make the product clump up which is honestly just a  waste, especially if it’s a  good formula. I have come across a couple of great mascara that suffers due to shitty brushes. I have gone as far as when I find a good one I will use it for other mascaras.

I am super impressed with this one.  It makes my lashes long with and without using a primer which is saying a lot for most mascaras I have been trying lately. I honestly believe it’s this brush that makes the difference. It’s so thick that it doesn’t cake it on and it’s got the cone shape of it which allows you to get all the lashes. Whatever it is it works and I’m in love with it and plan on buying a full-size version of it.

If you are interested in trying it out. I have included the links to where it can be purchased below.

Buy a Bit of Bad Gal Lash from Benefits

Buy a Bit of Bad Gal Lash from Sephora.

Buy a Bit of Bad Gal Lash from Ulta.


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