Blackcraft Cult Night Fiend Palette


I have in recent months discover a clothing brand called Blackcraft Cult via Twitter due to the fact they do a lot of collaborations with Wrestlers. I fell in love with the brand because they are all about not relying on a false god but creating your own future. This is not in any way me saying that it’s wrong, To each his own.  I have always been one who wanted to believe more in myself than something I question. Since these guys have that same belief I’m dedicating this week to the brand that helps remind me to make believe in myself.

They announced they had makeup coming out at the beginning of the year and I was excited. It was 2 of my favorite things coming together. This was exclusively sold at Hot Topic, who Blackcraft has a partnership with. Honestly, that makes it even better since I’ve always adored Hot Topic since they have been my source of random things I love for over a decade.


The front is the Locust Butterfly with the skull in the middle. It is also in the shape of it which I dig. The brand’s name and their tagline are also featured on the front.


The inside has the mirror in the same shape of the palette with the background of a Lotus/Butterfly wallpaper.


The mirror also features the moons on it, Which I love and actually want to get a  tattoo of it if I can figure out where.


The eyeshadow themselves are in coffin shapes which is just perfection. The brush that comes with the palette I honestly don’t care for but it works perfectly if you use it for your lash line.

Next, I’m going to break down the shades in the palette. I decided to swatch them by each side of the palette. The Lighter shades and then the Darks.


Pendulum–  glimmery tan

Silent Film– Matte version of Pendulum.

Eerie– Cream white with hints of shine

Amulet–  Matte Sky Blue

Memento Mori– Dust Pink with hints of glitter.

Marionette– Grey Purple Matte.


Tarot– midnight blue with a hint of glitter.

Nightshade– Matte Black

Moon Phases– Dark Blue with shimmer glitter. This color legit reminds me of the moon.

Catacombs– Matte brown with a little hint of red.

Conjure– Tanish Brown with shimmer glitter.

Blood Rose– Red, blood red actually

Personally I really dig all the names of these shade and they do work perfectly with the shades.


I was pretty stoked about this palette. This was legit the  1st picture I took after I created this look.


I was honestly pleasantly surprised how good this palette was. This palette was $12.90, which in most cases means it’s not very good. So I was worried but I had to order it since I’m such a fan of the brand. When it comes to makeup I will buy something based on the belief I have in the company. Since I do have a lot of faith in Blackcraft, I had to grab it. I have used this one several times and the colors are easy to work with and they go on smoothly. They do work better with a primer. The look above was the 1st one I create with it and as you can see I was thrilled with it.

This Palette is sadly out of stock right now and I’m not sure if they will be coming back in stock. If they do make sure you grab one. They are good quality for a low price. This one actually inspired me to purchase a couple more palette that Hot topics sell. So since I can’t provide a link to this one I will include the one to the brand website instead.  Check them out cause you are gonna hear about this all week.

Check out Blackcraft Cult!

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