Blackcraft Cult Night Fiend Lip Collection

This is the 2nd and final part of the makeup collection these guys released with Hot Topic.

Let me go ahead and start by saying if you are going to put out a makeup collection then it’s smart to go with Eyeshadow or Lipstick. Those are the one that is mostly interchangeable with most people who wear makeup.  I say that because once you find your perfect foundation, concealer, or powder you aren’t about to go back on the hunt.  So for them to do both they choose wisely.



This set came in this adorable coffin case that I just adore. It has then same locust butterfly on it as the eyeshadow palette. This one does feature the crescent moon that I’m in love with.


This one is just simple perfection. I love the mirror which is also coffin shaped and have the skull on it. I actually bought 2 of these, cause I love the lip glosses so much and the mirror got broken.


The inside of this is the same background that the eyeshadow palette has.  They come in 4 colors,  2 mattes, and 2 glosses.


The little details on these are what make them. The brand’s log is featured on the top of the lids.



Also featured on the lid is the lotus.


Let’s talk about these shades, I will start by telling you they work really well for me since I’m super pale. I’ve not really seen them on any other skin tone yet.


Sinful- a deep violet-blue Matte. This one is so stunning I can’t handle it.


Death Stare-  deep red gloss.

UnHoly- Pitch black Matte, I just couldn’t get a good lip picture with this one they all looked weird.


Cult Classic– This is a pinkish red gloss that I’m just obsessed with. This is legit my new favorite go to.

These shades and names are perfect. I really love this set and it’s mainly why I didn’t care to buy 2 of them. I may buy another while it’s in stock cause my dog broke my other mirror too. These are delicate ones so make sure you treat them with care.

The gloss goes on smooth and packs a lot of pigment. While the mattes are just a pigmented and also long wearing for hours. I did find there was a little fading on my inner lips which I just topped with one of the glosses and it works so well together.  Plus they smell like some type of cocoa butter goodness. I really do dig these and highly suggest going to grab a set while they are still in stock. These are also $12.90 so even if you hate them it’s not a complete lose and you get a  cool coffin box. I was able to include the link below.

Buy the Blackcraft Night Fiend Liquid Lip Collections at Hottopic.

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