Blackcraft Cult’s March Mystery Box

I’m closing out my Blackcraft week with their last Mystery box. As you all are already aware I do enjoy a good monthly box of surprises. I have gotten 2 so far this year. I got January’s and the March’s.  The January one was the 1st thing I actually purchased from the company. I wanted to buy something, but there are so many choices so I thought let’s just get this see what they got and go from there. I wasn’t disappointed at all and have yet to be. So I thought it would be the perfect way to end this week by breaking down last month’s box.


Every box includes these card. This one is the brand card that gives you their information and company mission statement. I had to include this because like I’ve said in the other post I do love the message this company puts out there.



Fun Fact, they also make whiskey, furniture, and coffee.

This month’s theme was Vintage Horror, so of course, I wanted to see what they put together for it. Each box usually includes 3 shirts, a special item, and a couple of mystery items.


This one came with this duffle bag. It’s black and white with the Company name and the phrase Believe in Yourself. It’s actually a decent sized bag and I’ve been using it to carry the makeup that I need to review.


The 1st Mystery item was this simple but sweet Coozie. It features the 3 bats and the BCC on it, which fits the theme really well.


The 2nd Mystery was this Aluminum water bottle with the Wolfman on it. I’m pretty obsessed with water bottles for some reason. I think it’s cause I’m really into being hydrated. This one is perfect and clips on to my purse. Plus it keeps it cold for a  good while.


This one came with a Baseball tee which was one of the reasons I got it. I love Baseball tee-shirt but don’t own any for some strange reason. This one is perfect for it. The only issue I have with it is that it’s white, but only cause I have a bad habit of ruining white clothes. That is why most of my wardrobe is black actually.


I adore this shirt! Frankenstein’s monster is the ultimate Vintage Horror Icon so it’s perfect they chose him. Plus he is basically an enemy of god since he was something made by man.


This one is just simple and sweet. It’s got the brand name in the bleeding lettering and the tagline “Believe in Yourself”.

I’m really pleased with these boxes. As I stated earlier this is my 2nd one. They always include these exclusive shirts that are so soft and form fitting, which is a pleasant surprise. I say that since most companies will put cheap shirts that you have to wear a lot to make soft. I have never worried about that happening with these guys. Also, I really dig the mystery items they toss in there. I got a  pop socket in the 1st one that I’m in love with.  If you want to get something but can’t decide I suggest doing this. Plus it’s a damn good deal I got over $100 worth of merchandise for $70, that’s including shipping. You really can’t beat that.

If you want to grab a  box I have included the info on this month’s box and a link to it.

Tees are based on Men’s sizes.

Witches Themed

Box Includes:

  • 2 Limited Edition Tees
  • 1 Limited Edition Baseball Tee
  • 1 Limited Edition Zip-Up Hoodie
  • 1 Sticker Pack

Price is $65 plus shipping.

Mystery Boxes will start shipping Monday 4/16

***Please allow 5 days for order processing***

***Promotions, Coupons and Discounts NOT available on this item***

***Mystery Boxes are Non-Refundable or Exchangeable***

Buy This Month’s BCC Mystery Box!

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