April Ipsy Glam Bag


This month’s theme is  Social Butterfly.  Basically, this bag is giving you some important tools needed to be that social butterfly you want to be.


Of course, this month’s bag sticks with the theme and is covered in Butterfly. It’s cute but I think it’s a little bit of overkill.


I love getting lotion in these bags, it’s always a fun treat.  This was one I haven’t heard of so I was a little more excited. This stuff is a little thin which worried me cause it was almost like a liquid than a cream. I was a little bummed til a few mins after I used it my skin was actually super soft and silky. I was a little shocked and tried it a few more times and I’m impressed.  I will tell you to just use a little so that you don’t get it everywhere. I will be looking into this brand.


This is a brand I have heard of but never tried. I get excited about lip products in general. This was the 1st product I tried out of the bag. I was instantly in love with it. This light formula goes on super smooth and it’s not sticky. It smells and tastes pretty amazing too. I don’t know about yall but if I get a lippie that smells bad it will literally make me not want to use it. Same goes for taste, I’m not condoning eating this stuff but it’s on your lips you are bound to taste it. I really dig this one and will be investing in more of the brand.


I feel like I always get one of these brushes in an Ipsy bag. It’s always a different brand though. I really love a good angled blending brush don’t get me wrong. However, when you have 5 of them you get kind of sick of them. This is a nice brush, it’s not too soft that it’s terrible and doesn’t do its job. I really do like this brush. I just wish I would get something other than an eye brush.


I love Ciate London, they have never disappointed me. When I saw this liner I was happy.  I was even happier when I got it realized it was a  stamp too. This one is the limited edition Starstruck liner/stamp combo. The liner goes on with perfection and the stamp is super simple to use and it really looks adorable on.



I mean seriously look how freaking cute. I only did one just to try and I’m ready to go all Kat Von D with it. I dig this dual liner and want more with different stamps.


I have gotten a polish by this brand before and I loved it. This one was no different. The color is in Girl Boss, which I was afraid would be too light and it was perfect. I did have to use 3 to 4 coats though. This stuff is tough with minimal chipping and lasts a good while. I painted my nails on Monday and still have most of it on without issues. I really adore this brand and I was actually looking to purchase more of it before I got this bag.

I’m pretty happy with this bag, the brush was the only thing that kind of bummed me about it. Ipsy is continuing to improve and not be a complete disappointment so I’m not going to complain. What did you all get? I would love to know what you thought.

If you don’t get an Ispy bag and want to give it a try. I have included a link below.

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