April Play! by Sephora

This month’s Subscriptions tried to give you all the tools to make the best of your social media.


This box featured the Insta Beauty Bucket List, basically, it’s a collection of products to make you Insta worthy.


It included this adorable checklist.  I have also included the info included in this pamphlet so you can get the best of both worlds.


This bag is cute and straight to the point. If you get some insta worthy beauty products then you also gotta make them snappy too.

I’m a big fan of this brand. Everything that I have tried is amazing and this one is no different. This is a silky tinted cream that goes on smooth and left my face looking and feeling amazing. I have used it as a primer to my makeup and just a moisturizer, it works both ways. I really dig this brand and will continue to invest in it.



This is a duo that I have tried before and I love it. It goes on smoothly and left my hair feeling light and detangled.  Honestly, anything that does that to my super long, always in a knot hair is a treat.  I have honestly not had any issues or have anything bad to say about any of the products I have tried from this brand. They are all simple and do what they are supposed to without a lot of hassle.


Sephora Lipstick is actually quite lovely. They include one every other month it seems like. It’s always a creamy formula that packs some pigment. This is the 2nd red I’ve gotten this year. Which don’t get me wrong I love a good red lipstick especially one I can keep in my purse. I would like to see something else from the Sephora collection. I feel like I am always only getting their lipsticks.



I adore Urban Decay. So I’m always excited to get one of their new things in these boxes. This is a light shimmer gloss to go over a lipstick and give it that little extra.


The gloss is basically a clear coat full of glitter so it will work by itself or over any color.  It is a little bit sticky but not so much that I would just toss it and not wear it. It does have a bit of a minty feel to it which I dig as a whole. A gloss isn’t something I would normally buy since I’m more into lipstick, but this one is a nice addition to cover it.


This is a clay mask that feels like it has sand in it.  I say that in a good way.  I put it on enough to cover my face then waited 15 mins for it to dry. I used warm water to massage the product in and give my face a good exfoliation. After I washed it all off it left my skin feeling clean and soft. I really dig this mask and it’s perfect if you need something to give your face a good scrub.



I have tried this brand before and it’s a little weird at 1st.  The formula is always something you don’t expect to work but it does. This one was a gel that you cover your face in. I left mine set for about 30 mins then washed it off. My face was luminous and soft. It’s really a lovely formula that does what it does even though it doesn’t feel like it does. Most Facial products you can feel the skin just fall off this one you don’t which is kind of disappointing, but it’s also really satisfying. I really do like this brand and will have to explore more of it.



I’m really happy with this box. This was another one I didn’t get a  perfume in which was something I was kind of use to, but it’s actually nice to get something else for a  change. I really do like Play! box cause of what I get and I’m never disappointed in them.

Anyone else gets a Play! box? What did you get?

As always if you want to sign up for one yourself I have included the link below.

Sign up for Play! by Sephora

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